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The speculation by some on here due to the delay is just hilarious. I'm not trying to be offensive but HTC going out of business because of a month delay on a phone? COME ON! You've got to be kidding me. Let's not forget one thing, HTC now partly owns Beats the headphone company which is now becoming a megabrand. HTC is a megabrand. It isn't going anywhere any time soon.

I'm still buying the ONE because for me it represents the best phone on the market. The Samsung Galaxy III just looks like it should be called the Samsung Galaxy 2 Electric Boogaloo (let's see who gets that reference). I'm sure there are plenty just like me. I swear every new phone we go through this same cycle. Fan boys get butt hurt over delays and swear they are leaving just to come running back talking about how much they love said phone they swore they would never buy.

Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
I'm actually in a different/better situation.Seems the delay for the ONE in the U.S. will actually be of benefit to me.

Currently on SPRINT,w/a soon-expiring contract, & from 1st glance,I'm liking what T-MOBILE has rolled out today:

T-Mobile makes new service plans official, launches 4G LTE network

HTC One 'coming soon' to T-Mobile for just $99 | The Verge

The coverage is better & pricing is in the same ballpark,so,I've got options.
Either way,regardless of carrier,I'm still in & getting the ONE.
Yep I've already talked to the girlfriend we're moving to T-Mobile. I'll be saving almost $100 for the same plan and better coverage.
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