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RAM we can debate, but I think there is a "marketing" element to core-counting.

In the context of the S4, a lot of people got the impression that there was this octacore monster powerhouse chip. Now I'm not belittling the big.LITTLE architecture - it's potentially very interesting, and I can't wait to see what its real world behaviour is. But that's not the message most people initially picked up about it, and that I would ascribe at least in part to a marketing message.

But even without that example, we have heard similar things said about last year's phones. The international S3 got a quad-core processor while the LTE versions "only" got dual core - except that those dual cores were a more recent and more powerful architecture, something that "core counting" overlooks. There were similar things going on in HTC land as well. (GPUs complicate the picture further, but let's put them to one side for now ).

So I think that a lot of people - present company excepted - just hear "2 cores", "4 cores", "8 cores" and don't hear anything else. That type of thing does easily become a simplistic marketing message, like MPixels still are to many people, and like MHz/GHz used to be in PCs before that topped-out.

As I say, I'm very keen to see how big.LITTLE works in reality, but I can't say I'd feel short-changed by a Snap 600
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