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Default Re: 4g and the Evo 4g LTE

Originally Posted by -Mike- View Post
The EVO LTE is a turd when it comes to anything to do with its signal. I wish I could go back to November 2012 and change my EVO LTE to the S3. I have really good 4G in my area but not on my EVO. I'm lucky to get 3G. This is definitely my last HTC phone and probably last run with Sprint over this crap. Good luck getting them involved. Don't get your hopes set too high.
Wish we'd heard that in detail right off, apologies if you said it and I missed it.

Others reported this problem, got an RF box test at Sprint, failed, replacement phone with no further issues.

Lemons can happen with any brand on any carrier. Please give your next phone's radios a workout right away. Nothing but a replacement fixes bad radio chips.

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