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Originally Posted by craftycarper View Post
Yep, agree with Scootmien, Went on fairly easily, still managed to pick up some "bits" by the look of it, the front is a better fit than i thought with prob only 1mm each side uncovered.

Same as above, they feel quite tactile at the moment, which i think is good for the back, makes it less "slippery" in the hand, quite pleased with the back.

Not sure if i'll keep the front one on, i will wait until it's completely dry, and maybe even try again in a few days with the other set, maybe a bit too "sticky" for nice easy swiping.

No problem really with the "wet" application, just go easy when pushing the water about with the little card, i just put some electrical tape over the speakers, and held a small towel at the edges of the screen to stop any water trying to get in any of the various holes.

Mine hasn't got any bits underneath fortunately (bit of a first for me as it happens) and it seems to have 'cured' now and the screen is crystal clear. It has increased the friction of the screen and now my finger doesn't effortlessly glide over it like it did to the bare glass. However, the friction isn't too bad and it is still possible to swipe one's finger cross the screen with relative ease.

I agree that the slightly tactile feel of the back has aided the grip of the phone in the hand quite considerably. All in all, I am very pleased with them and am now very happy to use the phone caseless knowing that both the front and back are protected.
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