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Originally Posted by jackdubl View Post
People care about cores and ram for the same reason they care about horsepower and 0-60 times. You could make the same arguments that nobody drives that fast so why need the horsepower. But you can't argue that a car with 100hp performs the same as a car with 200hp. Other factors will also play a part in performance, but horsepower is still the easiest thing to refer to. As with cores, clock speeds, and ram.
When driving on a road with 55mph speed limit - then it doesn't matter if you drive a 100bhp or 200bhp car - you still only drive 55mph (for the sake of argument anyway haha) - BUT the main difference in that scenario ? The 200hp car uses more petrol despite driving the same speed.

Use that analogy back on phones - what do people whinge about ? Battery life .. so more oomph needs more gas or here, power.. more power drains the battery ... less battery life / gas ...

How does the saying go, what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts. Bottom line - each to their own ... and I do agree - back in the PC days it was the same - including me .. I admit ...

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