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By my not being much of a shutterbug, the Zoe thing has about got me hooked , and know the MP myth is just that. But I understand and can see where Cafe and Novox are coming from, too.
*Putting on my Amazing Carnac turban* I predict that before too long, will start hearing more from the physical film crowd about the lack of 'nuance' in any digital pic, much like you have the vinyl record folks now.
When ANYTHING gets processed, it cannot, by definition, remain in its true unadulterated, original form, and a certain amount of give and take is required. I don't care how many or of what flavor mega-pixels there are, there's going to someone that says "it just doesn't look 'right.'" Hence why some like the hues of the superamoled over SLCD3, etc.
The pics I take are my memories, and regardless of how I take them, or with what, are usually clearer than the ones in my head, so just about ANY camera would work for me But again, I also understand the points of the true photogs, and value their opinions. Thanks!
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