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Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
I am looking for it but I posted a link to that very article last week I think. Yes the One has been tapped to get 4.2 within one to two months. An HTC tipster has also leaked a list of all of HTC's models that will get 4.2 in the coming months along with updated Sense (mostly the One X series including the Evo 4g LTE).

Yeah I agree that it is definitely going to come down to preference. I personally despise TouchWiz and no longer Root and Flash ROMS so the Galaxy isn't even in the running. I am an HTC man through and through.
See?!?!? I knew I wasn't crazy (About that anyway )

I do root, but usually not until the warranty is over (just being a chicken), and never have been able to stay on a sense-less ROM for more than a few hours, if that much, so I'm with you!
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