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Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
That's an update that's already came and passed. Phandroid updated their post about it. There is no incoming update.
Yep, I was commenting in reference to that - my point was - none of the blogs that have done their shoot-outs are going to go back and take that into account.

At least one has a detailed review of the One with pre-release software and the reviewer came right out and erroneously said, don't expect anything to change. While his same org, another reviewer, did a comparison and came to all sorts of conclusions, without stating what he had at all.

My point isn't "boo hoo, HTC lost" - my point is that people are going to be trusting untrustworthy review results as consumers.

What does it mean - "update?" It means that the maker has their opinion of what the new revision, but we may have ours.

Regardless of brand, I have no trust in these early reviews. I can point GNex and various Samsung threads for phone releases where users found better results after updates from initial release, and I know that's been my consistent experience with HTC.

They don't wait until the platforms are stable to review. We don't pay them. They live on clicky advertising. They'll crank out anything, most of it ridiculous imo, and call it a "test" - because, hey - blog writer=qualified tester.

That's my beef.

By design, the One has a larger sensor with larger pixels than others. It will gather more light with less noise at the hardware level at the expense of actual dots, and with an F/2.0 aperature, it will have less depth of field than other cameras - those are the hardware tradeoffs and facts.

I don't see fair reviews trying various custom exposure settings. If you're outside, take a picture, and it's crappy, thanks to the magic of immediate feedback with a digital camera, there are 343 exposure adjustments on top of various additional adjustments for ISO and white balance.

The adjustments possible with any modern Android will number over a thousand for many of the pictures used in the so-called tests.

Which - are all done by taking default snaps and going,
Oh wow, lookie my review, this side by side proves that I can take default pictures and put them up side by side on a web page. Where, thanks to digital sampling, may not show on my web what was on my camera, and thanks to your monitor and web browser, may not show proper mapping if they did match. Isn't that great?!? Let's all swoon over my in-depth conclusions, I are an Expret!
The reviews tell of possibilities, and now we're past that into the exciting horse-race era - which - disgusts me to no end, because now as far as I'm concerned, we might as well be asking Elvis' ghost which is better.

Just spent an hour comparing photos with a pal with an SGS3 vs my LTEvo. We had a blast, and found a lot to like - and criticism in agreement - about each other's setups.

I expect that the One and SGS4 this year is better than last year's models because - it's this year. And there will be differences.

I've lived in film too long, I guess.
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