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Oh my god! A 16GB sim-free S4 for 630! That's 16GB people!

No way am i forking out 600 for a 16GB plastic phone no matter who it's by. If that's the price on CPW and Amazon, then others will surely follow suit. I don't know if greed or stupidity is to blame here.

Given the free phone option with contracts you can see that they aren't really interested in selling sim-free. They've probably deliberately set the sim-free price high to try and make their contract options seem more attractive even though that pricing is just as bad! Seriously, check out EE. Clove however are selling it for 580.

Not only have Samsung copied Apple, they ARE Apple now with ridiculous pricing like that! I really was contemplating the S4 but i'm not going to be an early adopter with insane prices.
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