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Default Re: Why are people so core / ram focused ?

Originally Posted by markyboy81 View Post
This is interesting. My dad's car has the same engine as mine, yet his is 150bhp and mine is 120. The fuel economy is the same but his would use more fuel if he drove it harder and made use of the extra power. Could this be the same with the s4 and HTC? Both have the same processor but the s4 has the potential to use more battery if the tasks are demanding enough?
The SGS4 when using the same Snapdragon 600 as the One is clocked higher, that's a potential for more battery use.

Clock speeds aren't constant, they vary with the load of running apps.

The screen in the SGS4 would be expected to perhaps use less power than the One.

After that comes any differences in the radio circuitry for power draw, and it's too soon to know anything about that.

If you use either hard, it's going to draw power faster than using either moderately.

Your mileage may vary.

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