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Default Re: Battery life of HTC one

Originally Posted by BillyODU View Post
Ok, I bought a 3500MaH battery for my Evo 2 years ago, and it used to last me a little over a day on a charge, now I can't get 8 hours out of it, and it goes from 100 to 85% in the first 10 or so minutes of taking it off a charge, I expect this to happen to this battery as well. I mean.. it is 2 years later haha but it is aggrivating when I have to use my phone daily..and it only charges when it feels like it.

Now with the batteries of the HTC One.. do you all recommend running it to 0% a few times when I first get the phone? Should I run the battery all the way down out of the box before charging it?
Definitely not.

These are the newer lithium polymer batteries.

Do nothing to condition them or break them in.

Calibration happens naturally.

Forcing a battery to zero charge (your phone will shut down before that) isn't the best for battery life, neither is high temperature operation.

Just use it and don't care.

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