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Originally Posted by ArmchairBear View Post
Just being an Android fan in general, I was disappointed with the GS4. I like Android because of the variety in phone designs. So I was disappointed that the GS4 looks very similar to the GS3, especially since this is a flagship device. As a flagship device I think it should show the next evolutionary step in Samsung's design philosophy. I wanted to see something that was different enough.

I guess Samsung is in a position where they don't really have to innovate much. They have to advantage of brand loyalty from a large install base. They're name is already out there, so they won't need to advertise as much.

I think it's going to sell well, but maybe not like the GS3 did. I say that because, the HTC One looks great. And HTC One, also, will have the advantage of being at stores first. Also, the GS3 still is a good phone, and being that the GS4 looks similar, people may not be so motivated to upgrade. Like the iphone5, a lot of people bought it, but there were still a lot of people who stuck with the iphone4 because it's still a good phone. Who knows, people may confuse the GS3 for the new GS4 and buy the older phone because it's cheaper.

Also, Touchwiz is still there, and it's still looks as ugly as ever. They didn't even try.

The GS4 is a great phone, I just wish it was more interesting. There will be a good number of phones that will have the same level of performance, so each one will have to stand out in another way. I don't think the GS4 is going to stand out much.
This is exactly what I was trying to say in the original post.
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