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Default Re: Why are people so core / ram focused ?

Originally Posted by NeoGrandizer View Post
Curiously speaking, would it make a bigger deal if each app was capable of running a single dedicated core? So 8 cores = 8 dedicated apps running its own core without spill over. I heard Intel was trying to work on muticores that would do this. One being a 48-core beast. But again assigning each app to its own dedicated core.

Now would that matter to an end user if that ever happened? And of course, you would have to wonder about efficiency and battery drain too.
This is a dual quadcore, only 4 run at a time, and the job model is called preemptive multitasking, because Android runs on Linux.

It's far more efficient than what you're describing, plus it's possible. One app per core isn't.

The operating system and services need to run somewhere.

Plus, multiple cores are already being exploited by threaded apps as well as the threaded operating system.

The blogosphere articles teaching you that apps are optimized for multicore processors are being written by ignoramus weenies who've never coded an app in their lives, have no clue whatsoever about how operating systems work (more to the point, they understand how Android really works much the same as how a giraffe knows how his home zoo works) and ought to be punished for starting this with people.

Your multicore Android device, be it dual, quad, or dual quad (being marketed under the outrageously flaming octa lie) knows how to exploit the cores just fine.

As do the apps.

The idea that you need to get optimized apps is so ridiculous that it doesn't even rise to the level of being wrong.

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