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Originally Posted by Wolfedude88 View Post
Still hope for Verizon....

DROID DNA Disappears From Verizon Site, Making Room for the HTC One? (Updated) – Droid Life

Bad news for everyone not on AT&T wanting the 64GB version.

AT&T Nabs Exclusive on the HTC One 64GB in the U.S. – Droid Life

I am fine with 32GB, still hoping it's coming to Verizon.
Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
I'm gonna hold off judgement until some official word comes from T-MOBILE or SPRINT,not that I doubt the source for the above links.

And speaking of the T-MOBILE & SPRINT,this source is claiming that 8GB & 16GB varieties are headed to these two carriers:

ATT says it has an 'exclusive' on the 64GB HTC One variant stateside - Pocket-lint

I put more stock in the former (32GB only) than I do the other mentioned capacities,but,stranger things have happened (NEXUS 4).
Originally Posted by themuffinman75 View Post
This would be insane if Sprint/Tmobile only had 8GB and 16GB options. This would make it an absolute no buy for me. At this point they may as well add SD card support if this is true. Anyway, only time will tell but I know one thing, HTC can't afford to be bs'ing around or it will be a very short 2013 for them.
Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Verizon had an exclusive on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Later, it appeared on Sprint.


Maybe the 64GB job will only be available on AT&T.
Hearing this preliminary report of the 64GB version being an ATT initial release exclusive has me absolutely frustrated.

Obviously like you others have said, we will have to wait and see how it shakes down. There is always the chance that the exclusivity is temporary for a time. We have seen that happen many times before. However I'm not willing to wait around for such a crappy reason as back door manufacturer/carrier dealings.

There is such a rift in the U.S. mobile market, between GSM and CDMA, I have some pointless small hope that there is also the chance that the ATT version is the GSM 64GB exclusive and that there might still be a CDMA 64GB Exclusive offered through Sprint. I know it is a long shot.

I'm with you Muffinman, a non 64GB version on Sprint is almost a no buy for me - and if they end up offering even lower storage capacities than 32GB like the rumor above states, then I take that as a real slap in the face. I was all but prepared to go all in and purchase the Black colored 64GB version off contract at a premium and give Sprint and HTC my sale, however they may have lost out now and encouraged me to stand pat or wait for the next devices.

Can someone across the pond, with an HTC One in hand, test something out for me please?
I'm wondering if Sense 5 supports USB Host Mode/USB On The Go (OTG) out of the box. This can be tested by plugging a USB device into the Micro USB "power" port of the HTC One and seeing if said device is recognized by the system. The prior generation of HTC devices do not support it, but it has been added through rooting and kernel flashing.
If the One will recognize a USB MicroSD card converter right out of the box, and interprets it as a flash drive correctly, I may be able to grudgingly accept a lower capacity storage HTC One.
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