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Default iPhone 4 to S4 (my first Android) - CONCERNS

I have had iPhone devices for years (even though I can't stand any other Apple product, personally). Most of my friends and associates are on iPhone, however I do have some regular contacts that are on iPhone. - All of this is relevant.

I have decided to switch over to the Galaxy S4 or the Note 3 (when it comes out). Samsung is creating amazing devices. I love almost everything I see, read and hear. However, there are 3 hesitations that hopefully I can get help with.

1) Sharing Contacts - Currently, when one of my iPhone peers needs a contact, or I do from them, we open up the contact, hit "Share Contact" and send it over. We can receive it, choose "Add as New Contact" and it's done. Whenever I share a contact with an Android friend, they get jibberish. My friend with the Note 2 said he can see all of the contact info, but it's in there with the gibberish and he has to figure out what is real info. Is there an app or anything that can allow me to continue to share and receive contacts with peers on the iPhone once I switch over? Also, can I share with other Android users? By the way, "BUMP" will not work as we are usually not next to each other when this info is needed to be shared.

2) Sending/Receiving Picture Messages - When sending an image from my iPhone, if I open up a text and select the picture from there, most of my Android peers do not receive it. However, if I go into my photo album, select the image and choose "Send in Text", they do. This is annoying but I'm ok with the extra couple of steps. However, once I switch over, this may cause quite a big deal with people trying to send me images. Is there a setting or something in Android that will allow the user to be able to accept all images? And visa versa as well.

3) I forget what the 3rd things was. I'll add as comment once I remember. But these are 2 very huge things for me. Also, is there anything else I should know about before switching over?
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