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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
You'd think HTC would know whether this was true or not, right? I just feel it's Verizon being their typical controlling self, and got ticked off that HTC was speaking for them.

There is some hope that the HTC6445LVW is Verizon's "Droidified" One... Aka DNA Plus. But who knows.
Things like this I have trouble understanding.
Why is it so hard for manufacturers to release their phones across multiple carriers under it's released name?
(Please..... not turning this into Apple vs Android).
Across all carriers the iPhone is the iPhone in the US & other parts of the world.
Yet instead of the HTC One being just that on all carriers one of them has to call it something else.
What does that do for the HTC One brand?
How can HTC make a comeback while being stifled by a particular carrier?
Sprint also did this with one of the Evos.
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