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Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
Things like this I have trouble understanding.
Why is it so hard for manufacturers to release their phones across multiple carriers under it's released name?
(Please..... not turning this into Apple vs Android).
Across all carriers the iPhone is the iPhone in the US & other parts of the world.
Yet instead of the HTC One being just that on all carriers one of them has to call it something else.
What does that do for the HTC One brand?
How can HTC make a comeback while being stifled by a particular carrier?
Sprint also did this with one of the Evos.
The iPhone released as an ATT exclusive when half the industry was laughing at dumb Apple taking on the Blackberry and Windows phone. ATT execs bragged about how they got the great end of the contract deal.

Same kind of laughter from the iPod days and the launch of the iTunes Music Store, that changed our approach to buying music online.

Many of us then correctly predicted the iPhone future - ATT struggling to break the contract and take control and failing - and other carriers scrambling to pick up the brand.

Not because they wanted the iPhone, but because they wanted ATT's iPhone business.

No one ever beat Steve Jobs at contracting and his control model continued and grew.

Meanwhile, all of the other makers had been making phones longer and were used to contracted carrier deals, with model and name variations.


The mighty giant Samsung didn't break free until last year. Before that, the Sprint SGS2 was called the Epic 4G Touch or something and it had a keyboard.

You still can't buy a Motorola RAZR Maxx in the USA, you get the Verizon Droid RAZR Maxx.

The press loves to beat up on HTC.

Much of the press harbors a weird, creepy iPhone envy though.

Motorola was going under. Google bought them. Find one story about how their goofy naming has to stop.

You can't. You can find many stories about how they can't wait to hear what the Motorola X is going to be called.

Right next to stories slamming HTC for practices common to the others.

And anyone who thinks that there was only one SGS3 had better check their facts - or our forums.

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