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Originally Posted by Netherdragon View Post
yer three suck balls for that...

I had the same thing when I ordered my one x, thankfully I had planned to use a sim card cutter on my old sim anyway, but they just didn't send me one at all.

glad your impressed with the screen. Can't wait to see it for myself.
Not just the screen mate, the sound quality is unreal which was the biggest thing for me, even with the headphones out.. the awfully named boomsound is crazy how good it is. Not overly impressed with the camera but will suit my needs, if it is your main snapper though I would be looking at other phones if it is a must have.

On the sound side, they put in headphones which look suspiciously like beats but with no beats branding on.. sound quality is very good but even with all the different attachments I just can't get them to stay in my ears so will use the ones I got with the One X.

I've felt the phone in my hand before so knew it was really premium but now I've had a closer look I can honestly say it is the most premium feeling and best looking phone made.. ever.

Blink Feed seems well stocked with stuff, I have windows 8 so kind of used to that tiled feel.. I quite like it but you should be able to turn it off if you wish.

One slight annoyance is the return of the menu bar (from ICS on the One X) & seemingly no setting to remove it, it isn't on every app though. Speaking of apps, a lot of mine from the One X aren't compatible with this phone.. don't know if that's the version of JB it runs or the 1080 screen.
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