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Originally Posted by ArmchairBear View Post
For the record, if I'm not being clear, I don't hate Samsung, I don't hate the GS4. But touchwiz.... I don't like touchwiz. If they weren't going to change much of the physical design, I would have hoped they change the software design.
I'm not a fan of touchwiz either, it wastes allot of space on the homescreen, that's why I use Nova Launcher and use stock icons. Applications I don't need, including Samsung system apps I remove.

At the end of the day this is Android, you can customize the interface. Want a completely different interface? no problem, install a launcher or a custom rom, there will be loads to choose from.

I wouldn't assume the hardware is equal just because they are flagship devices, that's not always the case.

As for the physical design, it's completely subjective so there is little point discussing it.
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