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Default General questions/help (New to Android?)

Just got my HTC One yesterday and on the whole I really like it, however I have a couple of issues that hopefully someone on here might be able to help me with ??

Is it possible to have a full settings shortcut on any of my screens ?
Whenever I try to add this like I have done on previous phones it's asking me to be more specific and choose an option out of the settings menu rather than letting me have the settings shortcut in general.

Is it possible to knock off the options bar from the bottom of Facebook and Twitter ?
Before deciding on the HTC One I was really looking forward to going from the 4.8" screen of my S3 to a 5". Then because I wasn't impressed with the S4 it was a straight choice between the Xperia Z and the HTC One.
In all honesty that would have been a no brainer had The One packed a 5" screen, which was one of the only things that was putting me off.
With this options bar in place at the bottom of the screen on both apps it makes the viewing of both apps around 3.5" which I'm really disappointed with

Can I make the battery indicate show the percentage in the notification bar or do I have to download another app ?

Also I've been having music player issues. I spend a lot of time flicking through radio shows and mixes that I've downloaded, something I've never had a problem with on any other phone I've had.....until this.
When I'm flicking the progress bar to skip forward the music stops playing forcing me to mess about with it to get it started again.
Then the music player keeps freezing but with the music still playing, when it does this I'm unable to pause or change tracks.
Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do, if anything, to fix it ?

Whilst on the subject of the music player any music that was listed as "unknown artist" download some track art which for some reason is Diana Ross ffs lol. How do I stop it doing this and is it possible to remove this artwork from the 20 or so mixes that it's associated itself with ?

Thanks in advance
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