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Originally Posted by Wilkas View Post
You've hit the nail on the head of why I'm not keen on this camera. With my One X camera I never had to change settings, just point and click the way a phone should be. With this camera it takes really decent photos indoors but then when you go outside you have to change settings, then change them when you are somewhere else, then again when back indoors.

All I want to do is take a decent pic and with 2 kids sometimes I need to take that picture straight away without messing about with it.

It's not a bad camera, what they've managed to do with it is pretty good but it's not as good as the One X, not as good as an iPhone and sadly wont even come close to the S4
In that case, if I were in your shoes, I'd take it down to the shop and compare mine with theirs, some snaps of the rep inside and outside the shop.

There's more light being gathered per pixel but that's per pixel.

Your One X was F/2.0 to a 1/3.2" sensor, your One is F/2.0 to a 1/3" sensor - light metering, and therefore overall exposure, ought to be fairly close. (edited, note to novox - The One gathers about twice the light per pixel with about half as many pixels as the One X. Noise should be reduced, but the total light integration should not be pixel dependent but rather sensor dependent.)

Sorry for hassle-ful advice on comparing but I think that it might be a good idea to find out if yours is behaving properly while it's still new.

I could be all wrong on this. I'll see if I can't get novox to give you a better opinion, but something sounds quite off to me to here.

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