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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
The issue that Wilkas has raised is inconsistent behavior between indoor and outdoor pictures comparing his One with his One X (as one example).

Do you agree with the advice I offered?
Well I certainly see no harm in making sure the problem isn't a one-off issue. That said, in my personal experience with cell phone cameras, I see so much fluctuation in performance from any one camera that I wouldn't make any blanket conclusions about the hardware. I tend to blame environmental variables before blaming the hardware.

My Evo LTE takes amazing photos. I believe it's the same camera as on the One X. Yet on occasion, I get photos that look way worse than the average pic from the predecessor, the Evo 3D. And the 3D was known for erratic camera behavior. So, I'm not convinced that there's enough evidence to say that the One is inferior to the One X. There are multiple variables to eliminate, including the possibility that it's a defective unit. The order in which you eliminate the variables doesn't matter.

Also, I'm still unclear what exactly the issue is. Are the picture blurrier? grainier? green tint? What exactly does it not do as well as the One X?

Wilkas, since you have our attention, how about shooting the exact same subject with the same framing and lighting conditions, with both your OneX and One and posting your results?

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