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Originally Posted by Wilkas View Post
I don't have the One X anymore Novox, I cracked the screen so got it repaired and sold on. After the football I can post a couple of examples of why I think it's a better camera if you want? I have all the pics I took with the One X on my laptop.

The quality of the One X was just better, clearer in all light conditions although yeah, sometimes it would take a poor photo like all cameras. I am no camera enthusiast and tbh I don't know much about the inner workings.. I just liked how I could point it at something or someone and 9 times out of 10 I'd get a great picture.

Up to now that has not been the case with the One camera.. it could be I need to experiment with it a bit more

I do think you need to give it more time. It could be all in your head too. The One X camera was leaps better than anything HTC (or Sammy) had offered in the past. It was universally praised as being a huge leap in quality. So I think we all have very good mental impressions of that camera. I kinda see the HTC One's camera as "doing more with less," so the pictures may be comparable to the One X, but it's not way better. And if you expect way better, you might be disappointed.

When I upgraded my dSLR from my 2003 Canon Digital Rebel to the 5D Mark II, for a long time I felt like my entry level camera from last decade performed better. I think in the end, I had gotten very comfortable with that camera, the controls, lenses, the feel, weight, even the mechanical noises it made during shots. It took some time before I felt like I had a good handle with the new 5D.

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