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Originally Posted by kiroquai View Post

I actually found this place whilst looking for help... which is probably not an ideal way to start a user review for my new One, but more of that in a second.

But (and you all knew that was coming)... thing is, I'm having the dreaded HTC GPS problems that - a bit of checking has revealed - seems to have plagued them for a few years.

To do a simple test, I strolled outside and sat my old Nexus alongside the One and fired up Google Maps. The Nexus homed in on my location in three seconds. After 8 minutes of searching, Maps on the One failed to find my location at all.

At the moment all I can really do is sit it out for a day or two and see if it magically rights itself. Such a shame, as everything else the phone does it does with a flourish.
Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Ok, the dreaded GPS problem suffered for years is a known Samsung issue, not HTC.

I had an HTC act that way - it was defective, I got it replaced the day after I bought it.

The only way for GPS location acquisition to take that long is if you can't get assistance data to seed the ephemeris tables, or if it's broken. Fortunately, it's easy to find out which -

Check out "GPS Status & Toolbox"

Welcome to the forums!

Originally Posted by craftycarper View Post
Can't say i have any problems with GPS with the One, mine locates in a few seconds from inside my house. Never had a problem with my One X either.
Originally Posted by kiroquai View Post
Cheers for the help - had a quick whizz with GPS Toolbox and unfortunately it doesn't seem to have solved the issue; it took a good minute or so to find a satellite, and after the calibration steps I tried out Google Maps again and had the same issue with it not being able to find my location. Darn.

I'll wait a few days and see if whatever's causing it clears up - if not I'll get it replaced.

Should probably also emphasise that GPS issues aside, this really is a lovely phone .
I had a sense that this community was going to shape into one to be a pleasure to be a part of from my first few days here,a lot of useful dialogue among the users w/a true sense of community & camaraderie.

Looking forward to the day the ONE becomes available in my neck of the woods....


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