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Originally Posted by pequeajim View Post
It's Thursday
Indeed it is.

I am going to add my responses to each question. I was able to spend about 2 hours with the device (an ATT unit) but with the lack of interest I tested a few things and then just played. The S4 is truly overloaded with features...many of which are actually pretty difficult to navigate through within a short time period. I love the features, but it really is overload.

This device was coded and traceable back to "Sammy", thus no pictures were taken of the device out of respect to the source.

"Rumor" has it the device will be in stores by the end of THIS month.

Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
How is the screen when used in bright sunlight? Possible to compare to an LTEvo for example?
Today was overcast. Visibility compared to my Note 2 was vastly improved
Will you have time to do a battery test over the course of a few days?
Though this is not something I was able to test, "Sammy" says the battery life has been amazing...he rarely charges it
Will you be able to ride it around and report on gps/navigation quality?
I did not see this question. I will ask him to test it though and report back
Will you be able to take comparison shots up against an iPhone 5? (I'm beyond believing any reviewers.)
I did not have an Iphone 5 available. The camera is friggin amazing though. This is one area I picked apart. I had difficulty testing some features and they were not exactly easy to find. Many of the Galaxy camera adjustments are there which is awesome, just difficult to navigate to everything

Will you have time to do a radio comparison (subjective is fine) with another phone (your choice)? Voice quality impressions, reception, 3G is fine, LTE is icing on the cake for me personally.
Really this is subjective. This was an ATT phone on ATT. LTE speeds matched the speeds we have achieved in this area previously. Reception and 3g were on par for the norm. Voice quality was great just as it is on the Note 2
Will you be able to post a screen shot of a text page, either ebook or densely texted web page? White background please. (with the color correction done first, I don't care for the saturated look)
I was not really clear on what you are looking for here. The density and resolution are clearly and improvement. Playing with the settings and comparing the Note 2 and S4 it is very clear they made huge improvements to the display

Those are the things I'd like to know.
Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
The s3 is practically useless in direct sunlight. That is one area they could improve on greatly. I have no interest in buying the s4, but it would be interesting to hear if they've taken corrective actions.
Answered above..was 6 pm, overcast, but glare was not a significan issue as it was on my Note 2 side by side.
Originally Posted by bikeral View Post
Mr Ed... just posting to say I am interested in any hands on info. Most especially when I can get a Verizon one in hand.
Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have much on Verizon info. Their trend has been to release phones a few to several weeks after the other carriers....we should know soon
Originally Posted by Gearu View Post
Please let us know if the one you touch has an FM radio, and of course which version the phone is, and 3g or 4g/lte etc, one detail could make all the difference when it comes to the FM Radio factor, no one really knows. 'Safe' to assume that whatever ships to America won't have one, that's all we've got.
There was no evidence of an FM radio or app. I am going to do some follow up on this one. Each device may have carrier specific offerings
Originally Posted by Gomjaba View Post
I am dying to know if either, mini or maxi, has the Dual Sim variant available in Europe and if so, if its Active-Active.
Not likely. Many fail to realize that though we find this handy, the increased chance of fraud deters carriers from adding this option
Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
@Mr Ed..... didn't have time to read this entire thread but wanted to take a few minutes to thank you.
I won't be getting the S4 but as always whenever "the next big thing" is about to launch I look forward to your "Sammy" calls.
I expect your Note 3 announcement (whenever it comes) to be just as "mis"informative. LOL!

(OAN) Some of you need to refresh your read between the line skills!

Thanks Mr Ed!!!!
You are the best man! I am extremely excited about the Note 3. Hoping to see it closer to Christmas

Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
I don't know anybody with an HTC One X, I know loads of people with a Galaxy S3, that's not because of marketing. It's because of people like me recommending them.

Anyway, we will have to agree to disagree, we are going in circles.
Guys we can argue opinions all day long, but you can't argue sales numbers. HTC has alot of ground to make up.

The phone is great, and a great upgrade for those due. Everything else you have seen is there...air view (I love it on the note 2), the infrared sensor and an app that is equally cool (interactive guide style), a ton of camera features and a completely redesigned UI that will big change for those accustomed to the previous UI. interested note...I was told the funky back cover was not final production and is being changed.....and I am not a fan of the black model

I will include my standard disclaimer...all information here has absolutely no association to my employer nor does any information in this post contain information provided by or obtained from them. This meeting was with a friend that I have had for several years that just so happens to be named "Sammy"
I'm back....
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