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Default HTC One - a week in the hand/pocket


I've skim-read the thread but apologies if this is a covering old ground. I've had my black One a week now (thanks Phones4u for undercutting Vodafone direct - you'd better not turn out to be as useless as the internets is suggesting though!) and I do like it. I used to use my Sensation, which I love; this is more of a comparison of what I'm used to and why they removed the some useful features! My Sensation has the most recent firmware that they/Vodafone released/updated naturally; that’s to say not one I forced on the phone. I forget which version this is I’m afraid.

Build quality/form
Generally superb, as I'm sure you're aware – an absolute pleasure to hold. A little bit big though – whilst holding the phone normally my thumb can’t reach the top of the screen so I have to reposition my hand to hit e.g. the top menu buttons (which is where menu usually is; if not it’s usually across the bottom* – see below) which is frustrating. I guess my hands are normal sized. I also have to reposition to hit the power button which is on the top-left (I’m a righty and I hold it in my left hand – I assume most do this?) And the volume rocker – both of which are very depressed/flush against the bodywork which does prevent accidental hitting, but makes them hard to press. I think I prefer my Sensation’s more accessible buttons.

The sound is amazing through speakers and headphones (even the bundled buds do a great job). Just amazing. Loud and bassy.
The screen is superb – I can’t give a more in-depth review I’m afraid
The camera is average – same as the Sensation really. Zoe is pointless IMO I’m afraid – it adds very little useful functionality and is buggy as hell
The battery seems pretty good considering it’s so powerful; I guess I get about 11 hours of moderate use. There is a power saver button that I have yet to press J
Blink feed is fine but it mostly just gives you headlines – you click on an item and it has to open the origin: facebook, the cnet website etc

*When an app’s menu bar is on the bottom it’s a solid black bar across the screen, just atop the back/home buttons. As the phone bezel is black it’s hard to see where the capacitive buttons are and the app menu bar is – I often hit the wrong one.

When I go to dial my sister ‘Lu’ it comes up with ‘Luke’ first, and I can’t actually find a way to dial ‘Lu’; I have to go through the contacts, which is annoying. I think this is because it’s a two-letter word – longer names work fine. Can’t imagine why Luke would be before Lu, but anyway.

You can’t set an custom mp3 as an alarm – just the default sounds (which are grim) - fixed

The default calendar widget doesn’t display what’s happening each say – just that something is happening. Useless. I installed Jorte calendar which does the job. Comparatively my wife’s Galaxy 3 mini has a good native calendar widget that displays events.

On the Sensation the notification bar swipe down had two tabs – one of which you could quick-access settings functions – toggle wifi etc; on the One you only have a full settings button so you can’t quickly toggle settings.

You can’t reorder the home screens – you have to wipe them and start again, which is well annoying! Especially as (whist editing the content) it appears that you can move them – you pick them up to do so – but they drop back into their original place regardless.

You don’t appear to be able to have different shortcuts (the 4 at the bottom) on the lock screen as you do on the…unlocked screen. You could on the Sensation. And you can only edit these 4 shortcuts whilst viewing the app tray, FYI – whereas from the Sensation you could edit them from anywhere.

I’m not really looking for solutions to these here – I’ll raise a bug with HTC if needs be; just thought I’d make you aware of what I’ve found.

Anyway…I’m pretty happy, but the honeymoon phase has worn off and these nuances are frustrating.

I’ll edit this over time.

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