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Default New Android user help

Hi guys - absolutely loving the HTC one, but I've got a couple of things I need help with having moved from iOS.

On the HTC email app, it keeps reverting to 'all email' folder when I come in and out of the app. For example, I will get an unread notification, read the email or delete it from the inbox, and come out the app (when in the inbox). And when I re-open the app, it takes me to the all email view so I can see every email including ones in the trash.

The other niggle I have is that being OCD - I've noticed that the silver bezel at the top of the phone (where the speaker is) has got a slight gap between it and the white bezel that surrounds the phone. Has anyone else noticed this on their phone. The rest of the bezel around the phone is completely gap free and flush. It's not impairing use of the phone or anything - more just a slight irritant at this stage. I'll try and post a photo later as the HTC is my only camera available just now!

May will try and head along to the 3 store and see what they say to it.
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