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Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
Very interesting, I thought for sure any problems would be coming from the part that the phone is supposed to stick to!

By the way, a few questions for anyone on Jelly Belly/JDX: Under the "Mods" section in the JDX 13.1 thread, there's one just titled "Audio Fix." Anyone know what this is for? Also, the instructions mention flashing a new bootloader and new radios - are these strictly necessary? It does say "not required," but what exactly do they do? What's the function of flashing a new bootloader? Are the new radios more effective? Thanks a ton in advance.
When I was using Jelly Belly 13.1 I flashed the audio fix because it kept the volume from decreasing to the setting it's at when you first flash.

As far as the new bootloader and radios, that is up to you. You may have already flashed the Jelly Bean bootloader. PRIMECL03 is the newest. If I'm not mistaken, FG02/FF02 are the latest radios. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Jake put that in there in case you want the latest stuff. Most would recommend it. I certainly had both flashed. That said, it is optional. Some report faster boot times and better handoff speeds, respective to each file.

13.2 and 13.3 have the audio fix built in, FWIW.

Hope that helps.

Happy Sunday y'all!

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