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Originally Posted by nickmoi451 View Post
Hi everyone, expecting my HTC one this week I use my current galaxy all the time as a sat nav in the van. I really like the look of the car dock and the feature to turn on car mode when the phone is connected. However as I'm in the building trade I need to use a case and this means taking it off every time I get in the van. I read you can get a cable which activates the car mode when it's plugged in ? Therefore I could use my old holder and keep the case on ? Anyone know about this ? Also when it switches on car mode does it turn on Bluetooth as I use a parrot hands free ? Would this be the best solution .
Little known fun fact - in the HTC Car application, tapping the connection icons at the bottom brings up settings for those.

Auto-connecting to known Bluetooth devices is one of the options.

If you have any trouble with compatibility with cables or holders that work for you, consider putting an NFC tag in your vehicle. Program it (not difficult) to switch you to car mode.

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