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Originally Posted by thomasanderson View Post
Nice review OP. I just have to ask, how is the range on your HBS 730's? I owned a pair and was forced to return them, because the range was absolutely horrible. I mean if I set my phone down and turned my back the Tone+ would cut out. Now I dont have this problem with the HBS 700's, and the reviews on Amazon months ago let me know that I wasnt alone in this experience. Were yours really that great?
I have then and I HATE THEM!!!!!!!

I read every single review on Amazon before making this purchase. Previously owned the HBS-700 in black and white and considering those were outstanding I thought the 730's (Tone+) would be even better.

Out of all the reviews I came across several spoke about distance, sound cutting out and a deafening screech that comes thru the headset. Since there weren't a lot of reviews regarding this I bought them anyway thinking the occurrence was small. Boy was I wrong wrong wrong.

My phone can be sitting right beside me and all of a sudden sound on this headset cuts completely out and doesn't come back. Yes, I'm still connected via BT but cannot hear anyone although the other party can still hear me.
If you're the one talking at the time you won't know right away that there's no sound so you sit there like a dope waiting for a reply......then you start saying till there.

Now onto the screeching- it's unannounced, unexpected and uninvited. There's nothing that causes it; it just happens and with the plugs in your ears, without any advance warning you can't pull them out your ears fast enough.

YMMV when this odd behavior will exhibit itself.
So far I've been thru 3 of them (all purchased from different locations) and they all did the same thing.

Many of the reviews I've seen of late were if you have the previous model, don't upgrade- you'll just make yourself mad.
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