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Ok, facts time.

HTC took in $1.43 billion - that's billion with a B and that's in US dollars.

They sunk a lot of coin into the One launch and took a big hit not being able to ship at levels matching demand in March, last quarter.

I'm really sick and tired of the blogosphere fearmongering by idiot "reporters" whose understanding of manufacturing economics is at the skill level of balancing a personal checkbook.

This is a repeat of the same tired bull crap from q4 2011.

The blogosphere predicted the end of HTC for stealing from Apple. Which it never did, but it lost the case. (Anyone forget the recent closed-door session where Apple and HTC agreed to cross-license things because Apple was afraid of going to court, or do we only remember the HTC hate?)

Then the blogosphere starting this same bull there - omgz pwnies, you probably can't get support, better buy something else.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

As in plain as the nose on your face?

Anyone here actually believe that this pattern is not the result of money changing hands to screw HTC?

If you think that I'm nuts, then explain how every time HTC rolls over a billion Yankee bucks, the blogosphere runs stories that it's going out of business.

Go read the same meme at the launch of the Sensation, the One X and now the One.

Now go back and compare total HTC revenue and earnings between 2010 and 2012.

I'll help.

2010 revenue - NT$ 278.8b, or US$ 9.28b
2011 revenue - NT$ 465.8b, or US$ 15.5b
2012 revenue - NT$ 289.0b. or US$ 9.63b

So, HTC made FAR more than the nonsensical $1.8 million quoted here, and stories of their demise are vastly overrated.

And the next time you see one, ask yourself who's spreading them, and what the facts are.

And if anyone wants to try arguing about profits, get your ducks in a row and come loaded for bear.

I'm not going to politely tiptoe around these sensationalist lies any longer.

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