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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Even if we could get the radios switched on, I don't see how one could get it activated on Sprint without committing 8 kinds of fraud, unless I'm missing something.
^ This.

Which is why i get more and more pissed at these manufacturers and carriers screwing things up.

The Note 8 would be perfect if it had the phone capabilities turned on. Although I've read that a 4G version is coming. But $50 more than an iPad Mini is not the way to go if you ask me on the Wifi version.

I love my Note 10.1 and its only $50 more than the Note 8 Wifi, but I admit its a full size tablet and may not be the best to lug around all the time. The Note 8 is right since it has a bigger screen and is more portable. My Note 2 is also awesome but I wouldn't mind a bigger screen but not too big like the Note 10.1

Then you get into the crap these outfits do with the memory. Enough of this 16GB crap. They are marketing these things for multimedia use and as such we will consume more and more media, be it videos, apps etc. Make 32GB the minimum, include a sd card and allow us the ability to store apps on the sd card. The cloud is okay, but there are times I don't want to put or wait for things in the cloud.

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