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Originally Posted by Scootmien View Post
I have to admit I am getting itchy feet now too. I've trawled the XDA HTC One Dev forums and there are a few ROMs on there that I like the look of, like Renovate and Android Revolution. As Earlymon said in another thread in this forum, rooting the HTC is different to rooting the Samsungs I have experience of and as the methodology is different, i'll have to read it a few times until it makes sense (it doesn't yet).

Being that i've only ever rooted Samsungs, is the HTC particularly easy to 'unroot' should the need arise please? I know there are a few people on here that frequent the XDA forums and a number of those people are also involved in dev work too. I'd ask there but XDA scares me as I am an utter noob at rooting.
I don't know about other sets, but the EVO 3D was a fairly simple procedure to re-lock, though the hboot stated it was RElocked, rather than just locked. Going S-OFF, however, would allow the bootloader to show "locked" again.

And I agree, some folks over at XDA can be, well, real jerks when you ask simple questions. That's why I consider this home for most everything except ROM specific questions.

My flash fever has been somewhat quenched, due to my bad digitizer (can't dispose of icons from the homescreen), but I don't how long the "new" of the One will last once I get it, and start getting that fever again. Biggest thing I like about custom ROMs is the options for more skins/themes, so if there's a big enough skin selection...
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