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Not sure about Moody or the rest of y'all but if you place me in front of a Linux machine of any kind, it will be unrecoverable in a heartbeat! i had to reinstall (but kept the old distro install running in console only mode, handy as my data is still there, but now it serves as a backup/rescue). then i tried to install XP Pro to make some games work (OMSI bus simulator looks fun, but it won't work in Wine, and Virtualbox crashes for being too slow or not having direct access to my video card) and guess what? no more GRUB! no more linux! well, XP's install did say it had to change my computer's 'boot flag' because it had an 'unknown operating system' but it ensured that all i'd need to do later on is change the boot flag in Disk Management under Admin tools and i'd be back to Grub and then could edit the grub.conf and have everything as it should be. then of all things, that option it promised me would be there was greyed out. not panicking, i booted my live CD and looked at KDE's partition manager. changed the boot flag right back where it was before, then rebooted. guess what then? Error loading Operation System. well frack! what now? oh wait, resize the first partition, install a 'fake' ubuntu onto it, force it to reinstall and update GRUB, yay! it's back!

Linux is FINE, until you try doing something you are easily able to do in Windows, such as install some game, or an app. then you end up having to do hours of Googling to find out how to make it work in Linux (chances are the app is Windows only and no good Linux alternative is available), then spending days fixing Linux because you edited the file and screwed the system up. like Apple's iOS, Windows 'just works' and for most people it's far easier to install apps than there is in Linux. there is no need for Wine under Windows, and i can certainly see why people are resistant to Linux. time and time again Mom keeps begging me to reinstall Windows until i can get her machine to do what she wants it to do (she just HAD to have this underwater fish screensaver that ONLY ran in Windows!). i still use Linux as my go-to OS but i do feel that unless it is intending to cater to a small minority of computer techno geeks or those with few needs (no games, or few apps, maybe they just browse the web and check their email or edit some pics? write documents? play freecell? my grandmom would be a perfect example of a Linux user) then it needs to get a bit easier, or at least have the compatibility for games. it seems that if anything is out there that Linux fails at, it's games. and games are one of those items that are specifically Windows only most of the time. if people can't play WoW or some variant of Call of Duty, and don't want to shell out $299 for a PS3 or Xbox 360, then they are not going to switch.
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