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no belittling here, however i'm still getting over the whole night it took to get some stupid screen saver going. i mean, come on! an underwater screen saver! not a game, a SCREEN SAVER! she got it in an email and she wanted it. double clicked the *.exe and got an error. seriously i would hate to see Linux turn into Windows but it does have issues for your average person with little or no technical experience. setting up a script that automagically launches Wine after a set idle period to run a stupid screen saver app and having to spend hours sorting through dependency hell vs. simply double-clicking the file, installing and done! no wonder Windows leads the pack to this day. either way there are still some things that are not available in Synaptic or Software Center. screen savers are one of them. i may have the experience to fix Linux when i end up breaking it but i am starting to lack the amount of patience needed to do so. i suppose once you get a system up and going exactly how you want it and then having everything work as it should, it's fine. but Linux, like old people, seem to hate change. change one thing from the normal routine, say you find this cool game you have to try, then you break the system doing everything in your power to get it running. you get part-way there, say you finally get it to run, but it's sloppy or has choppy performance, back to Google, some Ubuntu forum suggests hacking into xorg.conf and then the crap hits the fan.
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