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honestly i couldn't give a flying darn about screen savers since CRTs died off in my life ages ago. they're unnecessary and i can certainly be happy that i never have to see that annoying Macarena Macacroni saver anymore, or 3-D pipes oh the horror! or worse yet is the 3-D text. i remember some moron in college was an aspiring hacker who loved deer hunting (while i can't stand it) and he managed to get admin access via telnet to my particular laptop and changed my wallpaper to a pic of a hunter with his dead prey and the screensaver was 3-D text with 'ikilledbambi' as the text. he had even went to the trouble to 'protect' it where i couldn't get my changes to delete it to stick after a reboot. so let's say i don't like 3-D text or screensavers. they're obsolete. i often disable the power management that turns off the screen while plugged in as i hated having to remember to move the mouse or hit a key to avoid being blanked out if reading a long page online somewhere. so in all honestly i just don't see the point of them today. mom, however is the kind who never takes no for an answer. if she sees something cool she has to have it on her machine.

EDIT: i later got revenge on him later as the school was still using a token ring network. he was looking at some porn (no surprise there seems to come with the kind of person he was) and i pulled out my coax and brought the entire network down. every machine was diskless and ran off the network. muahahahahha! i miss token rings for that reason!
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