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You always have to install Windows first, if you're going to dual boot with Linux. It acts like it can not see linux filesystems.

once you booted the LiveCD, just reinstall Grub to MBR.

Everytime I install games or apps in linux, I just click the icon to run it.

What file did you edit that screwed up your system?

I do not see how Windows is easier to do install/updates then Linux. With linux I can update/upgrade every file on this system with one commmand, provided the updates/upgrade is available ( I like using CLI instead of GUI).

There is a fish tank screensaver I've seen with some linux distros. Sorry, I can't tell you the name of it. I think Fedora comes with one.

It's true about Windows types of games not available for Linux, but as Moody mention, thats because of the games developers, not Linux fault.

Also the Distro can cause problems for users too. One distro may work great for me but not for other users. When I first started using Linux, the so-called easy distros gave me fits trying to get installed. I ended up using Slackware & Debian, the first time I installed those, no problems.

Just my thoughts!
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