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Here's a new one for y'all. when i go to 'logout' icon in my Kubuntu install, why is 'hibernate' greyed out? this is why i shut the system down as 'standby' always drains the battery resulting in an improper shutdown. my laptop isn't used all the time and i hate to leave it running, plus we're under a tornado watch so i don't want to leave it vulnerable, either. i know hibernating is supported in Win8 which originally came with this machine but it's always been greyed out in Linux

Like most GNU/Linux apps/programs, WINE is an acronym for 'Wine is not an Emulator' (or more officially, Wine Is Not a [windows] Emulator). I later found out that Linux isn't a combination of Linus and Unix as i previously thought, but yet another acronym for 'Linux Is Not UniX'
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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