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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
no belittling here, however i'm still getting over the whole night it took to get some stupid screen saver going. i mean, come on! an underwater screen saver! not a game, a SCREEN SAVER! she got it in an email and she wanted it. double clicked the *.exe
Probably be better if it didn't run. Seriously opening an EXE you received in an email is just asking for trouble. One click and that Windows computer could be pwned. Especially for a novice non-techie user that doesn't know any better than to run strange EXEs.

I sometimes receive EXEs in emails, I don't know what they are, and TBH I'm not really interested in them. Could be malware, could be a trojan, could be anything. It might say "Underwater screensaver or "Justin Bieber screensaver" or something, but next thing you know all your credit card and bank account details are on some hacker's network in Russia or China. Can't run them on my PC anyway, so they just go straight to trash.

She'd have exactly the same thing with Mac OS X as well, or anything that wasn't Windows when trying to open EXEs, e.g. Apple iPad.
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