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Originally Posted by chong67 View Post
I want to get one but without any contract on Tmo.

How do I buy it from ebay?

I'm looking @ T-MOBILE as you are.

ATM,no such animal exists on e-BAY or BEST BUY*,or even T-MOBILE,as T-MOBILE hasn't set a pre-order or release date yet.

*Just got off the phone w/both T-MOBILE & BEST BUY.By no means is anything gospel,just relaying what was said to me.

1) BEST BUY:Overwhelmed w/the amount of pre-orders,totally "sold out" & this is why any evidence to it existing on their site is now gone.The rep on the phone admitted they should have communicated w/the public a bit better than pulling the SKU out of the system,but,I'm guessing customers were smoke-checking their web site w/queries regarding the ONE. No word one way or the other as to if/when more will be in stock.

2) T-MOBILE: STATUS QUO,no official word on a release date or when/if BEST BUY will get more in stock.I will add that once I got through to a CSR,they knew exactly what I was referring to w/o having to repeat myself ad-nauseum & seemed to be in tune w/what's going on,regarding T-MOBILE & BEST BUY stock status.

My guess is we'll see more @ BEST BUY of the T-MOBILE branded ONE,but,ya probably want to be persistent in checking & HAVE YOUR $ READY,as we'll probably get a repeat of this again.

As for e-Bay,most sellers w/the ONE are profiteers & have no more in stock than you or I & simply re-selling their stock @a tidy profit once they receive it.Save your $ & get it elsewhere.
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