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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i stopped getting all high and mighty about spying online when i realized how redundant it was given how cell phone GPSs and even the connection to the towers itself (and yes, even your wifi at home) gets seen by who-knows-what these days. i once worried about animal control spying on any pet in my home who was chipped (although i am still very much against RFID tagging of humans as well as animals) but since Google and who knows what government entity probably knows my location based on wifi MAC address lookup (go to some website such as it will sometimes identify your home street address or such via WAN IP) it seemed stupid to worry about one form of spying when so many others are out there and cannot be turned off. if one uses their GPS or such *they* know where you are no matter what OS you use.

I won't go back to Windows for normal use as 90% of what i do can be done in Linux (albeit at a slow framerate and not stable). Mom is only sold on Linux because her Win7 got a virus (one of them fake antivirus things) and Linux is pretty immune to that stuff.
Was it an EXE that came in an email, masquerading as a screensaver?

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Bottom line: crying about Windows spying on you is redundant and moot if you use Google Maps or Google Now. *they* know where you are 24/7. even some new cars transmit your location (OnStar, anyone?). on some forums, people put some little image into their signatures that shows data based on your computer's WAN IP. it says something like 'You're located in Owensboro, Kentucky. you are using LINUX. your IP is'
I'm actually talking about government back-doors into Microsoft software. Microsoft gives full co-operation the Chinese communist government, to ensure they have total access to everything that's done with Microsoft software. All proprietary software companies in China have to do it, it's the law here. That's why "Don't be evil." Google hasn't been doing very well here, because they won't do that.

You see I don't particularly wish find myself been arrested just because I wrote something about Tiananmen Square '89 in Skype or MS Word. And I don't particularly wish to see any of my friends been arrested either because of Microsoft. Finding yourself in trouble in China is not good. Which is completely different to them just knowing my street address or what devices I'm using. As I said, I like to be able to trust the software on my PCs not to be spying on me.

I don't mind them knowing:-
Your IP Address is x.x.x.x
Country: (CN) China
Region: Nei Mongol
City: Xilin Gol
ISP Name:Innermongoliaxilinguolemengzhong
OS: Linux Mint 13

But I do NOT want them knowing everything that I type on the keyboard or store on the HDD.

I've found Windows to be rather busy with background data activities. I don't know what it's doing and what it's phoning phone. It's a blackbox to me. With Linux Mint, if I'm not actually doing anything, there is no background data activity going on. Also with that background Windows data activity if I'm using a metered 3G connection, that's costing me real $$$.
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