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From this review (assuming the Z and ZL use similar screen technology):
Samsung has done an excellent job with the display of its latest flagship. Not only does it easily bests the Xperia Z in terms of sunlight legibility and contrast, but it can also gives you the option to get rid of the over-saturation with the Adobe RGB mode.
Sunlight visibility is about the same as the S3. Quoted from here
In direct sunlight the contrast is a little lower than that of the Galaxy S III but not by much so you're getting more or less the same sunlight legibility. Perhaps, the new Gorilla Glass causes a dash of extra reflections and offsets the brightness advantage of the new Samsung flagship.
I'm surprised that you think the Nexus 4 has better sunlight visibility. This is from the S3 vs. Nexus 4 review at the same sight:
The problem that the Nexus 4 screen has is that it's quite reflective - more reflective than the screen of the LG Optimus G, which was less than perfect to begin with. So, bright light greatly reduces the perceived contrast, affecting the image quality.

The Galaxy S III on the other hand is one of the best performers we've seen in this category - its screen is not very bright, which hurts sunlight legibility, but the low reflectivity keeps things legible even in the brightest sun.
Sunlight Contrast Ratio:
S3 3.419
S4 3.3352
Z - 2.462
N4 1.926
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