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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
Hey Big O,


Curious, what mobile phone are you replacing? Is this your first Android? why not wait for the black model?

since you are an ATT employee, I am guessing you have had an iphone or two. What made you leave the apple arena for android/htc one?

All curious questions.... Thanks in advance if you decide to answer.


I carry two phones at all times. I replaced the Nokia Lumia 920 on my work phone with the HTC One (I didn't have the Lumia by choice, and my Lumia had replaced a Galaxy S III). It's definitely not my first Android. I've owned androids from before I worked at at&t, but since I've been with at&t, I've used a Captivate, HTC Inspire, HTC Vivid, Galaxy S II, Note, Note II, and Galaxy S III.

I couldn't wait for a black model because I was given a device that was sent to our stores for employee use, so they get the say in which colors they give out for free. I'm not complaining either way, the phone still looks stunning.

So to answer your last question, nothing made me leave my iPhone, as that is my personal phone. This is so I don't carry two Android phones around and can get the best of both worlds.

Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Lucky you man...I got 3 important questions?

Ok as EarlyMon asked already...GPS, how is it?

As an at&t employee I'm sure you've had experience with the iphone 5's garbage wifi signal that basically conks out if your not within 2 feet of the router, how does the ONE compare?

The LTE signal, honestly how is it? Is it solid, or a bouncing bean that jumps back and fourth.

These 3 are important ones for me as I've been using an iphone 5 on my at&t account and on a scale from 1-10 id give the i5 a solid 1 on how good a job it does on the above
Sean, to answer your questions:

I have not tested the GPS out yet... I will test that on my way to work at around 9:30am central. I'll have to get back to you on that on how quickly it locks and accuracy.

As far as iPhone 5 wifi.. I am actually still running 6.1 software on it, refusing to update as of right now just because of some of the issues people ARE having with wifi and even cellular signal. I talk to a few people a day that have these issues. My iPhone 5 works decent on wifi MOST of the time right now, however my issues really isn't staying connected, it's at times not having networks SHOW UP in the list if i'm not closer to the router. It only happens sometimes though. It's very strange.

With that being said about the iPhone wifi... the HTC One picked up my wifi signal at home very quickly, and it's actually showing full bars even in my garage (where my iPhone does drop down to 2 bars instead of 3), and the signal has been solid. No huge flux in speeds received at all, and connection has not dropped yet.

I wouldn't be able to answer the LTE question for you, as my town is not LTE, only HSPA+. If I end up traveling to the nearest LTE area before release though, i'll be sure to take tests and posts screens of those tests.
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