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Default Review of Spigen Wallet Case Snap w/pics!!!

This is a review of Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Leather Wallet Case Snap: Galaxy Note 2 Leather Wallet Case Snap - GALAXY NOTE 2 - Samsung - Cell Phones | SPIGEN SGP

When it comes to smart phone cases, it's always a challenge for any company to come up with something original to grab your attention, something different to stand out from the crowded, and something practical to make you want to use the case on a daily basis. With their Wallet Case Snap, Spigen nailed this challenge by taking a genuine high quality Leather Wallet and combining it with a removable version of their popular Ultra Thin Air case. I had an opportunity to review two color variants of this case, one in black leather with red accent and black snap on case, and the other one in red leather with white accent and white snap on case. As you can see from the pictures, both looked great with my white Note 2. For those familiar with Spigen's Ultra Thin Air case you know it's exactly what description of it says. Case is super lightweight, slim and made out of high quality PC material. This particular case on it's own is not designed to give you drop protection, and doesn't have much of lip protection either, but it's there to protect your phone from scratches and dust while providing easy access to all of your controls. The case wraps around back of your phone and both sides leaving precise cutout for power and volume buttons as well as speaker, s-pen and camera/flash. Top and bottom of the phone are left open giving you plenty of room for headphone, micro-usb and mic access. Also, being able to accommodate Korean version of Note 2, there is a cutout for their tv antenna in the corner of this case. As a a matter of fact, the case itself is made in Korea which I also found with some other products to be of a higher quality. I know there are a lot of fans of this particular Ultra Thin Air case, but I just want to mention again this case is not intended for a drop protection. What this particular modified version of Ultra Thin Air is intended is to be snapped into the wallet!!! The top and the bottom of the case has grooves that mate with latches of the plastic back panel built into the inner flip side of the wallet. And let me tell you, once it mates - it will stay securely on, no matter how hard you shake it. As a matter of fact, I found it easier to remove this case by sliding it out from the latches instead of pulling on it.

Once mated with a wallet, the back side of it has all the necessary opening for the camera/flash, speakers, and even s-pen that align with snap on case perfectly! Also, I want to mention that plastic backside panel has textured line design precisely aligned with inner leather lining of the wallet. Very nice design detail. The front flip side of the wallet has 3 card slots and a deep interior pocket behind it for either cash, more cards, etc. I was able to fit at least 2 cards per slot and stash some bills into the interior pocket. Of course, the more you add into the pockets, the bulkier wallet gets which could be a problem considering there is no outside latching flap or anything hold the wallet together from opening. Plus you have to keep in mind that bulging out cards will be rubbing against your phone's screen when you close the wallet. In my opinion, it makes more sense to keep one card per slot, and put extra ones in interior pocket. Also, having a screen protector will be highly beneficial for users of this wallet case. Exterior of this wallet case has a very smooth leather, something you find in a premium wallets. There is no doubt the wallet with a phone inside of snap-on case looks very professional and high class. For the finishing touches the case is complimented with a perimeter stitching and elegantly stamped Spigen logo. Nothing too flashy.

So the big question, why is it even necessary to have a removable snap-on case while other similar designs don't have it. I can think of a few very reasonable answers such as it will be impossible to use wallet flip case in the car mount. Or a lot of the power charging cradles will accept only a slim case. Plus, sometimes you might be at the event where you want to use camera for a more extensive pictures taking or video recording and flip wallet case will get in the way, plus you don't want to be standing with all of your credit cars and money sticking out of the case. For those moment, taking out inner snap-on case makes a perfect sense and gives you more flexibility in using your phone. And as opposite, using snap-on case together with a flipped side of the wallet actually gives you more grip since Ultra Thin Air case by itself could be on a slippery side.
Overall, if you are looking for a quality professional looking case that combines functionality of a wallet and comes with a flexible and secure option of removable ultra-thin case - there is no other competition for Spigen Wallet Case Snap where for the price of one case you get two!

Here are pictures to give you a better idea of this case details.

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