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HP will print tons of gibberish. I've had a big color laser do it at work.
We used Adobe Illustrator to do a lot of our brochures, etc, and HP just plain choked on it.

I also had an HP scanjet that fussed at me if I tried to scan at 300 DPI. It's none of the scanner's business. I need the pixels for what I'm doing.

I use Canon at home - I've stuck just about everything you can think of in a Canon printer, and it usually prints. If it can't, it says so. It doesn't print pages and pages of machine gibberish. I use XP, and if necessary, I can run the i6000 with the Canon 600 drivers which are built into XP.

So far, Canon also has not chipped the carts. HP screams if I use a different brand. I will use cheap ones for the printer attached to the sewing computer. I don't print much, but when I want to print, I want to print. Since it's embroidery diagrams and not a picture, no problem.

HP also does not like my printing preferences. I do them through either Qimage or Photoshop. HP thinks it should control what I want. I wound up with that Photoprinter since I didn't want an all in one.

I use an Epson scanner. Epson has the controls I want and just shuts up and scans my way. Even in Linux. I don't like the new ones as much as my old 1250.

The other reason for Adobe - at the time, it and Quark were the standards for print.
You could just barely bring in a DOC file to a printer. My boss was setting up a web site, and I was supposed to do the layout in the POS Publisher. You should have heard the webmaster scream. I convinced Boss to buy Illustrator, We had peace all around after that. Illustrator will edit Adobe PDF files.
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