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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
I've got two Evo 4G LTE phones and I can't send any old file between them, just as described above.

My wife and I read a lot (Moon+ Reader for the win) and get lots of free, public-domain books through Feedbooks and Project Gutenberg. Would love to be able just NFC share those books for example - but there's absolutely no way with Android Beam. Wifi and FTP to the rescue for me.

Here's all HTC offers on the subject -

Here's what Android Beam is as a standard app on any Android -

How to Use Android Beam to Wirelessly Transfer Content Between Devices

Which covers what I said above.

Some devs are working on apps that use NFC to pair two devices, then hand off the actual file transfer to Bluetooth. I haven't tried any of those yet, but not sure I see I see the point. You can share via Bluetooth or wifi already with apps that work. Maybe when those others have time to mature, they'll be better, faster, easier.

Programmers only:

I have two EVO ltes also. I can share pics, contacts, web sites, and YouTube vids through nfc. It would not work with my EVO LTE and my friends Samsung. My question is will these services work via nfc between the One and the EVO LTE
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