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Default Confessions of an iPhone user; 1st touch...

I have been looking at the reviews of this phone for some time with great curiosity and some trepidation.

For all of those that will poo-poo the iOS affinity, I work in IT for a living and hate messing with stuff in my off time. I guess it is a bit like a car mechanic- they tend to drive some of the most dilapidated cars on the road.

I have really had no complaints with my trusty old iPhone 4 other than the small screen and slow data (3G only) so I have been looking to upgrade. The initial and obvious choice was the iPhone 5, which was a tremendous disappointment. This sent me in search of a new device and Android looked promising...

I stopped into an AT&T store today just to see if they had a display model. They did, in fact they has several and actually had to wait my turn to fondle this techno-gem...

Fit an finish were amazing, coming from Apple. The display is impressive and much crisper than I expected. Perhaps my perspective is skewed by too much Apple flavored Cool-Aid but I was impressed.

One worry I have had was the transition to the Android "feel" and interface. I have no reason to crap on Blinkfeed and have to say I really like it- customizable to provide useable information and if HTC continues to tweak it, I see it being VERY flexible and a tremendous value-add.

I know nothing of Android but read about the concerns realting to only two buttons for navigation. Since I am an Android virgin, I noticed nothing that would dissuade me from using the hell out of this (I guess ignorance is bliss). I will say that it seems that the HTC logo would make for a good home button...

1st impressions were 100% positive- this will be my next phone.


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