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I love weed. I am definitely celebrating this holday. I will be smoking up with my buddies as you see my signature fit. If anybody is skeptical about weed, please watch these 2 documentaries or message me if you want facts. :

The Union

Cannabis Cures Cancer - "Run From The Cure" The Rick Simpson Story

Everyone against weed and medical marijuana, please, PLEASE, vote it to pass. There is absolutely nothing harmful about marijuana. It cures cancer, and many other diseases. If either link is clicked and watched, then marijuana will change the lives of many.

The first link i posted is to a documentary about the usefullness and helpfullness of the industrial hemp plant.
The second link is a discussion about why marijuana should be legalized and why it is helpful to millions of people around the globe. The numbers for legalization far outway the numbers that are for keeping marijuana illegal; because the people that know the facts about it, understand that it is not a bad thing like we are forced to believe during school.

Why is the government of the United States of America against the use of cannabi? Cannabis can be used for an uncountable about of uses. It can cure almost any disease or issue out there.
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