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Originally Posted by johnlgalt View Post
22 sucks. badly. Before that particular view of build testing was removed from that group of folks who can see it (and I am *NOT* one of those folks, tyvm) it was pointed out just how badly 22 failed. And then it was further pointed out how FZW was shuffling their feet and Moto could invoke a clause in the contract where VZW would have to pay for the time and effort to build 23 b/c of VZW continually fscking around with their BS software bloat. And now we're all of a sudden getting .22 when in fact we should be awaiting until May and getting a soak of .23?

Yeah, I'll pass.
Well according to information on other sites, it's apparent long time Bionic testers and mod makers have some inside knowledge of both how bad 22 was/is and how stable 23 is. Any clue why VZW would push out 22 when 23 is apparently stable?

I just hope if 22 is as bad as everything is being said that people point fingers at Verizon and not Motorola since Moto did apprently did the fixes.

I also hope all Android users complain to Verizon and let them know the OEM's need to control the updates the way Apple does with the iPhones. That is one of my biggest complaints is how Verizon interferes with the Android update process and in this case it may seem like it will really make the customer suffer since Moto can't just release a newer, stable build.
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