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Not really. The market for removeable battery and SD slot account for very little of the target audience.
Agree with you %100 here.

Both removable battery and SD slot are easily fixed:

1. Instead of carrying that spare battery around, carry an external battery that is around the same size.

2. HTC gives you 32GB out of the box instead of 16GB already. More than enough.
Here I have to disagree;

1. A charger has to be plugged in before your battery runs out and then could take up to 2 hours to get you back to a full charge. Popping in a fully charged spare battery gets you back up and running in under a minute.

2. Famous last words... Bill Gates once said something similar about computer memory and boy was he wrong. It's true that the average cellphone purchaser probably wouldn't begin to use up all of 32GB of storage but a lot of users here at AF and at others forums use that much just for movies nevermind music. The more storage the better for folks like that.
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